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Member Services


For more information about this program, contact Gina by email or phone: (831) 264-5098

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Technical & Informational Services

AMBAG as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) provides informational and technical services to member agencies, nonmember government agencies, and private organizations and individuals. It is the purpose of AMBAG to offer products and services that meet the needs of decision makers in the public and private sectors while enhancing the quality and extent of demographic, economic, transportation, land use, and other information maintained by AMBAG.

AMBAG Board of Directors approved member services policy at the April
8, 2015 meeting.

RAPS, Inc.

AMBAG evaluated other MPO member services policies to develop a draft member services policy for AMBAG. For voting member agencies of the AMBAG Board of Directors, 10 hours or less of AMBAG staff time per fiscal year will be completed at no charge. Services in excess of 10 hours of AMBAG's staff time each fiscal year will be fully reimbursed by the requesting agency using RAPS, Inc.. For more information about RAPS, Inc