U.S. 101 Central Coast California Freight Strategy

In August 2013, AMBAG was awarded $240,000 from the Caltrans Planning Grant program to create a goods movement plan for the U.S. 101 corridor along the California Central Coast from San Benito County to the North to Santa Barbara County in the South. Improving this corridor is critical to the continued safety, economic viability, and success of the region now and into the future. This strategic plan will result in a plan to improve freight movement along the U.S. 101 corridor and key connecting routes, identify opportunities to improve freight movement, improve general traffic movement, and preserve the highway system. This project represents a unique partnership effort between AMBAG, Caltrans, SCCRTC, TAMC, SBtCOG, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, and the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments. The plan sets a precedent for interregional cooperation on freight planning, allows our mega-region to better coordinate lobbying on freight issues, and positions the area to capture potential freight funding.

Final Reports:

Final U.S. 101 Central Coast California Freight Strategy (entire report w/ appendices)