Senate Bill 375 & the Sustainable Communities Strategy

Senate Bill 375, passed in late 2008, requires the 18 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) in California to reduce per capita vehicle miles traveled and related greenhouse gases through a coordinated land use and transportation plan called the Sustainable Communities Strategy, or SCS. The SCS will comprise a new chapter in AMBAG's Metropolitan Transportation Plan and will help shape the region's long range transportation plan, including the financing of transportation projects.

Under SB 375, the SCS must identify a regional development pattern and transportation system that can meet the regional greenhouse gas (GHG) targets reductions from the automobile and light truck sectors for 2020 and 2035.

Pursuant to statute, the California Air Resources Board adopted targets for each of the 18 MPOs across the state. Based upon the recommendation issued by the AMBAG Board of Directors, CARB adopted the following targets for the Monterey Bay Area in September 2010 for the 2035 MTP/SCS:

2020: 0% increase from 2005 per capita GHG emissions
2035: 5% reduction from 2005 per capita GHG emissions

If the SCS cannot meet the GHG targets, an "Alternative Planning Scenario" must be prepared to show how the targets could be achieved.

The California Air Resources Board is developing an update to SB 375 targets which will establish new GHG targets for each of the 18 MPOs. This new GHG target will be used in the 2040 MTP/SCS.