The Blueprint and the Sustainable Communities Strategy

In 2011, AMBAG completed a regional vision plan entitled Envisioning the Monterey Bay Area: A Blueprint for Sustainable Growth and Smart Infrastructure, commonly referred to as "The Blueprint." The Blueprint presents a vision for how the region might start to achieve the greenhouse gas targets issued by CARB through what is called the "Sustainable Growth Patterns" scenario. The Sustainable Growth Patterns scenario shows a noteworthy improvement from a base case "Current Growth Patterns" scenario - a 1% increase from 2005 per capita GHG levels versus a 13% increase. However, it falls short of the GHG targets for the Monterey Bay Area. Further analysis and collaborative planning across the region will be necessary to show how the Monterey Bay Area can achieve the GHG targets of a 0% reduction from 2005 per capita GHG levels by 2020 and 5% reduction by 2035 .

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