Bicycle Travel Demand Modeling Project

The Monterey Bay Area Regional Bicycle Travel Demand Model project analyzes bike counts, route data, inventories of existing bike facilities, and a survey of travel behavior to improve planning for bicyclists. Funding for the Bicycle Travel Demand Model is provided by the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District (MBUAPCD) through the AB 2766 Emission Reduction Grant Program. The Bicycle Travel Demand Model will assist the Air District and local planners in conducting benefit-cost analyses of bicycle projects while assisting AMBAG with meeting SB 375 mandated regional GHG targets.

The Bicycle Travel Demand Model project consists of two phases. The first phase, completed in March of 2013, consisted of data collection and model estimation and resulted in a standalone modeling tool. As AMBAG staff worked with stakeholders, bike modeling experts, and the consultant team, a number of enhancements to the tool surfaced, bringing about in a second phase to the project.

The second phase of the Bicycle Travel Demand Model development was completed in June of 2015. The final phase included improved data collection through a route mapping application, refinement of the modeling tool for consistency with the Regional Travel Demand Model (RTDM), and increasing the functionality of the modeling tool. The completed tool will be made available through AMBAG's ftp server as a download for use by any interested parties once a MUA is signed. To request a copy of the Bike Model tool, please email:

How you can help:
Recording your bike trip details using CycleTracks will help the region’s planners and decision makers gain a detailed understanding of the needs of cyclists. This will help make the Monterey Bay Area an ideal place to ride your bike to work, school, and play. You can also help by getting your friends, colleagues and family members to do the same.
• You only need to record each of your trips once.
• Trips to work, to the library, to the store or the beach are all eligible trips for you to record and upload.

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CycleTracks Phone App
The CycleTracks app was developed by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) through funding from a Caltrans grant. The CycleTracks app is free for users. Each time you upload a commute trip, it gets sent to SFCTA’s server. Once the data collection period was over, AMBAG obtained the data from SFCTA. The data allowed AMBAG to better understand what factors influence the routes Monterey Bay residents bike along, which will in turn help support investments in the most effective bicycle facilities in the region.

For more information contact Gina Schmidt at or by phone at (831) 264-5098.

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