Schools Program

Services to be provided by the AMBAG Energy Watch Program to all school districts to access Prop 39 funding

AMBAG Energy Watch is a regional program that receives funding through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for the purpose of increasing energy efficiency in the region. The AMBAG Energy Watch Program serves school districts, jurisdictions, non-profits, special districts, residents, hospitality and agricultural businesses and has been in operation since 2006. AMBAG Energy Watch is funded to provide no cost support to our region's school districts to access their Prop 39 funding for energy efficiency.

A brief description of the no cost services available is outlined below in the order that the services will be provided:

  • Initial meeting to introduce the program.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch staff works with school district to get permission forms signed in order to access PG&E data.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch staff accesses PG&E data for school which is used in preparation of the Energy Plan Proposal.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch staff completes benchmarking of the site needed for the Energy Plan Proposal.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch completes the basic energy assessment to identify priority projects that would fit within the Prop 39 funding award for the school district.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch staff meets with district staff to identify preferred projects to undertake.
  • Based on the direction provided by the school district, AMBAG Energy Watch staff develops the Energy Plan Proposal in accordance with California Energy Commission guidelines (CEC).
  • AMBAG Energy Watch staff works with the CEC on behalf of the school district through the submittal process to the awarding of Prop 39 funding.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch will support the school district with capturing all of the rebates allowable in the efficiency project.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch staff will work with the school district to manage both pre and post-inspections related to the efficiency rebates.
  • AMBAG Energy Watch staff will work with the school district staff members that are completing the project reporting, and will intercede with the CEC as needed to resolve any issues.

For more information, please contact Elisabeth Bertrand at or 831-264-5094.