PowerSave Program

Assisting the Monterey Bay Area Jurisdictions, Businesses, and School Districts through Computer Power Management for FREE!

Computer power management software offers energy savings each year through better management of the power settings of desktop PCs and MACs. Computer power management software allows organizations to set standards that ensure idle computers are either using low power or completely shut down. Computer power management software provides centralized control over the power management features of each PC or MAC within a computer network.

Energy & Money Savings

On average, computer power management software conserves 200 kWh annually per desktop computer, and does so in a way that is unobtrusive to end users. Each year, a participating jurisdiction or school district could expect to save approximately $24,000 in energy costs and reduce approximately 127,000 lbs of CO2 Emissions for every 1000 desktop computers upgraded with the software. The AMBAG Energy Watch partnership with PG&E allows us to deploy computer power management at no cost.

The Next Step

Contact Chris Sentieri for more information or to set up an appointment at csentieri@ambag.org or 831-264-5102.

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