Non-Profit Program

AMBAG Energy Watch assists non-profit organizations throughout Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties. Our goal is to provide energy efficiency assistance to all of the non-profits in the region to help them save money, save energy, and contribute more of their funds toward their mission. Services provided include the following:

Low Cost Direct Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures

AMBAG Energy Watch offers a turnkey energy efficiency program. This program includes an energy audit of your facilities at no cost to your organization. The audit is reviewed with your team and you are able to select from the recommendations which energy efficiency measures you would like to implement. If you choose to proceed with installation, our program provides a streamlined process of quality-guaranteed product installation. The funding provided through the AMBAG Energy Watch program makes it possible to deeply discount the costs related to the installation of energy efficiency measures. Measures included in the program are energy efficient lighting including dimmable options, LED exit signs, occupancy sensors for lighting, vending machine controllers, and PTAC heating/air conditioning control systems.

Education and Training Classes
Classes brought to the AMBAG region are open everyone in the community to attend at no cost.

Information on other PG&E Energy Efficiency Programs and services
AMBAG Energy Watch staff can assist you in identifying other programs and services within PG&E that can support your energy efficiency goals.

Contact Elisabeth Bertrand at 831-264-5094 or for more information & help your organization reduce energy use and save money today!