Regional Growth Forecast

The regional growth forecast projects the region's population, housing and employment out to the year 2035. The growth forecast is used to support regional planning efforts such as the Regional Travel Demand Model and the Metropolitan Transportation Plan as well as local planning such as the development of General Plans and project review. However, use of the forecast by local land-use planning agencies is elective.

Developing population, housing and employment forecast estimates for the Monterey Bay region consists of two distinct stages. The first stage is the identification of regional and county level forecast figures through the use of widely accepted forecasting methodologies. The second stage is the disaggregation of county-level forecast numbers to the jurisdictional level and subsequently to the Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs), using data gathered from jurisdictions.

On June 11, 2014 the AMBAG Board of Directors adopted the 2014 Regional Growth Forecast.
Resolution No. 2014-08
Download the 2014 Regional Growth Forecast